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Please have a look at our frequently asked questions.

1. What are MSFD Presets?

The My Secret Fashion Diary is my own Lightroom preset. Which was created by a long lasting process. I use it on all my photos. Of course since every picture is different this is only the first step in image enhancement. Now you also can have the chance to use my colours and settings in order to create amazing pictures.

2. Desktop and Mobile presets?

The Preset Pack is available both on mobile and desktop. Who don’t have Lightroom subscription those can use the preset with the help of the free mobile app. For the professionals who edit their pictures on desktop the DESKTOP version is the preferred one. Which also can be applied for mobile.
You can download the app in THE APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY. You can also buy the desktop version of each package, compatible with Lightroom Classic CC 7.1 or higher.

3.How do I install my presets on mobile?

After successful purchase you will get an email with all necessary information. A PDF manual gives a step-by-step guide how to activate the preset on your mobile.
Please follow these steps:
1. Download the free Adobe Lightroom CC
 on your phone. Don’t forget you will need to register.
2. After the successful purchase please download the zip via the link in the email with your desktop computer or laptop. Extract the preset from the zip and send it via email (or Airdrop, DropBox, …) to your phone. Let’s see how email works.
3. On your phone, open the email.
4. Tap the preset DNG attachment. Then tap the share button on the top right to open it. Scroll through your apps to choose Lightroom CC as pictured below. Click “Copy to Lightroom CC”.
5. Once it’s opened in Lightroom mobile, copy the settings from the image by clicking the ellipsis on the top right.
6. Click “Copy Settings” then click “OK”
7. Inside the Lightroom app go to a photo you’d like to edit. Usually, you can add it into your new folder.
8. Click the top right button (ellipsis) and then click “Paste Settings”
9. Your photo is transformed with the exact settings!

4. I just purchased your presets and didn’t receive an email, help!

If you have any kind of question then please contact me via I’ll do the best to help.

5. Why my pictures differ from the sample in the downloaded package?

There are many factors which make the photos different. That’s why there is no secret recipe which ensures to achieve the same result. The Lightroom presets give a perfect starting point to find your own style. ?